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The focus of my work is on the conceptual, photographic PORTRAIT

In addition to long-term projects, I also create shorter conceptual series. 


I started the work PHOTOGRAPHERS 30 years ago. The series currently consists of over 100 portraits of internationally renowned photographers. To be continued. 

AUGEN I BLICKE is the name of another series. Also started 30 years ago, the work consists of over 300 portraits, photographed in short individual sessions of actors and directors during the Berlinale. To be continued.

In 2019, I photographed young women around 30. They are not interested in beauty ideals, they work with their bodies, tattoos, piercings, impressive eyebrows - they are strong and free: MODERN QUEENS.

In 2022-24 I explored roles and gender assignments in a small series of black and white portraits. In PULL_OVER, a black turtleneck sweater was given the function of a stage. 


Over the years, my working method has become increasingly radical and reduced. I work with daylight and staged postures that promote concentration and, at best, make something visible for a fraction of a second. I focus on the eyes and want the portrait subjects to look at the viewer from within the picture. That is the signature of my work. I create many red threads in each portrait, which makes differences visible.

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